Scale Problem
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Autor:  Tom@Crewe [ 2011-01-07, 13:50 ]
Tytuł:  Scale Problem

I have recieved drawings for the truck I want to build, but I have a problem,.
I was planning to use Axial axles and 1.9 wheels but working out the scale I get the following.

Truck wheel Diameter = 1350mm divided by 1.9 wheel diameter = 12.5 scale
Truck Axle width = 2492mm divided by Axial axle width = 11.32 scale

If I build 12.5 scale the axles are too wide and if I build 11.32 scale the whhels are too small

How do you Scale Truck builders get round this???


Autor:  Sławek [ 2011-01-07, 13:55 ]

Why do you have divided the diameter of the tire by the diameter of the rim ?

If you want to build on the rims of 1.9", the maximum diameter of the tire is about 120 mm ;)

Autor:  Eras [ 2011-01-07, 14:00 ]

Usually we just build our trucks in 1:10 scale, trying to fit all components to dimensions of truck. Usually we try to fit diameter of tire, not the rim :)

Autor:  Tom@Crewe [ 2011-01-07, 14:01 ]

I did not divide it by the size of rim but the size of the tyre on that rim.

If I then Build a 10th scale

I want a wheel/tyre Diameter of 135mm (scale looking tyre)

And a axle that when fitted with those tyres is 249mm wide.

Do you know of wheels and axles that fit that specification.

Autor:  Eras [ 2011-01-07, 15:24 ]

Unfortuneatly most of good looking tires have poor off-roading performance.
Search for tires that will fit 2.2 rim, try towerhobbies or rc4wd, 99% of them has tire diameter in their description.

Assuming that you will use axial axle, those rims:
http://www.junfac.com/shop/index.php?ma ... fe64818abb
wich have pretty big offset wil give You overall width about 24-25cm ...

Good luck with project :ok

BTW Because of the fact that all our trucks are made or are willing to be in 1:10 scale, they look pretty well together on films and photos :)

Autor:  Sławek [ 2011-01-07, 16:20 ]

On the Axial axles and 2.2" tires, without any problem you reach the width of 25cm ;)

Autor:  Tom@Crewe [ 2011-01-08, 09:13 ]

Thank you all again for the quick replies and the answers have helped a lot.

I am now thinking of moving away from the Axial axle for this build, probably means more expense but better for a good model.

Autor:  Sławek [ 2011-01-08, 09:27 ]

Axial xxles are one of the best axles on the market, but it's your choice.

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